26 Things I am grateful for

Today is my 26th Birthday! I was still sleeping when the wishes came through and just realized that I am truly blessed. I sobbed a bit while typing this *hides face* because sometimes we take the people in our lives and the simple things in life for granted. LOL. 26 has me very in my… Continue reading 26 Things I am grateful for

Romantic relationships vs Friendships/Family

I believe a paradigm shift is needed in terms of the importance placed on romantic relationships, the roles of different relationships, and most importantly adjusting to and dealing with the change in dynamics once a new romantic relationship takes off. Let’s start with the basics. I would say the core values in any type of… Continue reading Romantic relationships vs Friendships/Family

Discontinuing a dream

The past two months have been nothing but stormy for me. Amidst these two tumultuous months of uncertainty, life changing decisions, and being at the point of giving up I was faced with several questions. It led to a number of revelations. I have been at a dream of mine for several years now. Putting… Continue reading Discontinuing a dream

Underground mining tour

Hey guys! I will be sharing my very first underground experience at Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine with you. So I'll be stepping away from my usual motivational/inspirational posts. I've lived in Rosh Pinah, seen in the aerial photo above, my entire life and I've never gone underground. (hides face) I won't lie and say that… Continue reading Underground mining tour

Spring cleaning and Spiders

Hi! This post is a bit outdated or not in line with the intended time, which is December holidays. I had to leave abruptly due to a family crisis. The area I was in had too weak a signal to connect to the internet. Sending a mere WhatsApp message took a miracle. My apologies for… Continue reading Spring cleaning and Spiders

Becoming FrizzyOne

Hello World! Lol. I just had the urge to say that. hahaha. If you've ever done any type of programming you'd find this funny too, since "Hello World!" is usually the first phrase you're tasked to display on your computer screen. Anyway. My very first blog post. Gosh! I'm so scared, but mostly excited! You might be… Continue reading Becoming FrizzyOne